Sunday, September 17, 2006

Handsome King a.k.a Sohai Hua In Da House

The day that I was drunk, I was awake by some noisy sound from downstair. I look at the my phone and it was 6am already. I went downstair and I saw Rubbish Kong, Mr. ham and Handsome King a.k.a Sohai Hua was playing mahjong together...

Handsome King was in da house man~! I didn't even know he came to kl.

For those who dunno him, he is not malay. He's from Sabah actually but we suspect that he was origin from Philipine. He used to be our unimate but he didn't finish his studie due to unknown reason.

He came to Tmn Uni in Febuary, that time he told me that he was working with British American Tobacco but this time he told me he already resigned and now looking for job in Singapore. He said he want to be securiy guard in Singapore. Ma chou hai~!

He's been here for 3 days already. He still like to play mirc. Chatting with those under age gals in the chatroom and told everyone that he is the most handsome guy in the world.

Our house is quite pack these few days because csf also came down to kl this weekend. So our poor handsomeking have to sleep on the sofa.

He is leaving on Monday morning to Singapore to look for his job. I wish he get a good job or become the most handsome security guard in Singapore. All the best dude~!

Video of Ah Meow, LuaLuaLua, Rubbish Kong, Baikoon and Handsome King in the cable car towards Genting Highland this evening. They won RM 750 within 5 minutes. I missed it because I was with my mother...

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